Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale

Buy a professionally trained rescue dog and save a life!

Kindred Spirits ‘Saved and Trained’ Program: Professionally Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale

In addition to our lifestyle dog training programs, Kindred Spirits sells professionally trained rescue dogs through our special ‘Saved and Trained’ program. Our trained rescue dogs receive specialized and extended versions of our Board and Train Programs. When you buy your dog from Kindred Spirits, you are not only getting a dog that is professionally trained, you are saving a life!

The ‘Saved and Trained’ program provides rescues with care and discipline that is required to prepare them for life in your home. Your new dog will quickly adapt to his or her surroundings and become a member of your family.

From the first day that we adopt our dogs, our trainers provide them with the advanced skills needed to fit into your lifestyle. You will bring home a professionally trained rescue dog that is healthy and loving.

Advance Training Skills Include:

  • Basic obedience
  • Travel well with a calm mindset
  • Social and or well behaved with or around other dogs.
  • Housetrained
  • Patiently waits for leashing and unleashing
  • Easily accepts vets, baths, nail trims and ear cleaning
  • Accepting of strange places when out in public

We love training and balancing rescue dogs. We supply them with skills that improve their quality of life. By offering trained rescue dogs for sale, we get to help dogs in need, work in a profession that we love and give to new owners a fantastic addition to their lives.

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What Are the Benefits of Buying a Rescue Dog Through Our ‘Saved and Trained’ Program?

Dogs are no longer strays:

At Kindred Spirits the dogs that we have taken in have countless hours of resources to give them value to potential families or individuals.

Hand picked dogs by a professional trainer:

Our team looks for dogs that will match the multiple clients we served over the years. Based on our years of training experience we know what people want out of their dogs. You are paying for is the value of saving a rescue puppy’s life. Also, by getting the proper training and skill set to bring them into your world.

Train and expose rescue dogs for real life activities:

We teach our dogs how to behave in daily activities such as hiking and going through checkout lines at stores by introducing them to distractions (sounds, smells, sights).

Learn good behavior while traveling:

Kindred Spirits brings each dog to spend time at vets/groomers “away from home”. Separation from owners is an important part of being balanced to accept care from other caretakers/environments

House Training:

There is nothing worse than your dog going to the bathroom in your house and having the mess to clean up. Your dog will be properly house trained and ready to go when you are ready to take him or her home.

Live and learn with our in-house pack of trained dogs:

Dogs are pack animals. You will be your dog’s “pack leader” once you take him or her home. With our in-house trained pack of dogs, your dog will learn how to act and what to do in different scenarios based on their species leadership.

Live with a professional trainer during the training process:

In our kennels our staff loves the dogs that we train, and they become a part of our family at Kindred Spirits. We live with our rescue’s, so your dog will have the experience of home life under our professional guidance by the time you are ready to take them home.


How Much Do Our Trained Rescue Dogs Cost?

On average our dogs start at $3000. In certain circumstances, dogs are offered at a discounted rate. Please contact us to discuss!