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About Kindred Spirits

For dog training expert Jennie Jones, Kindred Spirits is an environment for clients and their dogs to build a strong foundation through our customized board & training programs. These training sessions go beyond the basics, our goal is to build better habits that will last a lifetime. With clear and consistent management, the dogs will be able to develop a healthy and balanced state of mind. We understand that this is a lifelong process that does not end with our program. We’ll help you understand your dog’s nature and needs to help continue developing a stronger relationship between you and your dog for life.

Our “Whole”listic Approach to Building Strong Foundations


“Start em’ early” Puppies can quickly develop bad habits if given too much love and affection or not enough guidance. We’ll focus on building the very foundation your pup needs, and the critical socializing every puppy needs in a safe, controlled environment. We can help correct issues like nipping, potty training, coming when called, jumping, chewing, and crate training.

Young Adults & Adults

Deal with little problems before they become big problems. We design a program that works for the individual needs of you and your dog. Dog management and training must fit your dog’s temperament, your living style, and your personal expectations. We will help explore the most positive means available to build stronger foundations for you and your dog.

Problem Solving Adults

If your dog is aggressive or has other behavior you don’t know how to deal with, ask for help now. The first step to problem-solving is to identify the underlying issue. With no healthy foundation built, your dog can begin to exhibit a problem behavior. The longer a dog practices bad behavior, the harder it is to change. Our goal is to rebuild a foundation that will also start a path of correction to extreme problems.

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Board and Train Dog Training Programs

Board & Train is an ideal training method for those people who have trouble finding time to work with their dog, want to give them a jump start on good manners, or are dealing with a behavior issue that is difficult to handle on their own. It can even be a great way to enrich a longer planned boarding stay while you go on vacation!  

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“I was nervous about letting someone take care of my OCD, mouthy, and slightly antisocial German Shepherd puppy from a disreputable backyard breeder. My puppy’s behavior was unpredictable and I was scared that she could potentially hurt someone. When I met Jennie at Kindred Spirits, I sensed that she was someone I could trust wholeheartedly with my complicated puppy. My intuition was correct. Kindred Spirits Dog Training gave me an emotionally steady, tenderhearted, and obedient dog that now can be trusted around others.”

Trained Pit Bull Rescue Dog for Sale | Kindred Spirits Dog Training

“Jennie is a miracle worker when it comes to training dogs. Thanks to Jennie I have one of the best-behaved dogs around. She did wonders with his behavior issues and She even taught him a few tricks. Everybody loves the “bang” trick. I get compliments all the time on what a great dog he is. It’s all thanks to Jennie. Thank you, Jennie!”

Nathan and Cash Hill

Dash - Trained Rescue Dog for Sale

“It’s amazing how in just two weeks with Jennie at Kindred Spirits Dog Training my German Shepherd, Dominick, followed all basic/advanced commands and his aggressive behavior towards guests were completely corrected. I learned my crucial role as his pack leader which has been invaluable! I have and will continue to recommend Kindred Spirits’ programs to everyone I know/meet who wants the very best training for their dog”

NIcole Collins