Boarding & Training

Board & Train Programs

Our Board and Train Programs are designed to provide each and every dog a foundation in basic dog training. Each Board and Train Program is a little different to fit an owner and dog’s specific needs. The foundation of our programs are all the same.

This foundation is carefully designed to help a dog become balanced and well rounded in their behavior as a family pet. Minimum Enrollment Age 6 months.

*We offer a Raise and Train program for dogs under 5 months.

Adult Board and Train - Just basic obedience

Just as it says this is our most basic Board and Train service that offers basic obedience, loose leash training, mild behavior problems like jumping and pulling, and exposure to distractions for better focus.

With a bigger picture in mind we start here for our most basic training give a dog a great foundation to build on.
3 Weeks
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E Collar Board and Train - Our best selling program as it fits most dog owner’s needs

This is by far our most popular program and not without reason. That is what an E-Collar (electric collar) is for. Some may worry about using electronic training for dogs and that is understandable. Yet when you know that the dog understands it as information and when it is done properly an e collar is a very freedom giving tool that will enrich your dog’s life (and yours) We have trained many dogs to the e collar and they and their owners lives are so much better for it.

We use only ECollar Technology Brand Collars.

3 Weeks
Includes e-Collar
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Problem Solving Board and Train - First we get Trust and Respect, Then we train

When a dog is having a problem we must first make sure they are in a learning frame of mind. This Program is designed to address that by working on the dog’s state of mind and then once we get them thinking and curious we can proceed to training them to be a well-mannered companion.

Dogs with Separation Anxiety, Phobias, Aggression of various kinds, Fear of various kinds, and other extreme behaviors this is the program for them.

4 Weeks
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Refresher Program- A Discounted Rate Program for returning dogs that need a review of training or want to learn more

Sometimes dogs need a little reminder of what they have already learned or perhaps they have just not quite got it yet. Not to fear that can be normal sometimes. Other dogs may have owners that want their dogs to learn advanced training and build on what they already know.

Per week/alumni dogs only
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Raise and Train Puppy Program- Finally a program with the puppy’s future in mind

The is a special program designed for puppies 5 months old and under. The total immersion experience for those early days of housetraining, chewing, nipping, and puppy behaviors that can be challenging for busy owners.

Very limited to 1-2 puppies at a time. Your puppy lives in the house with us and is raised as one of our own for a minimum of 3 months. You may request longer. We will not do shorter due to it being a raise and train. This is about starting early, preventing problems, laying a solid foundation, and exposing them to the world in a healthy way.

3-4 Months