Kindred Spirits Dog Training Interview with Tullahoma News

Tullahoma News Kindred Spirits Saved and Trained Interview

Jennie Jones Talks Saved and Trained with Tullahoma News

Kindred Spirits’ Owner Jennie Jones recently met with Kelly Lapczynski from Tullahoma News to discuss our Saved and Trained [trained rescue dogs for sale] program. Below is an excerpt from the interview. Click here to read the full article!

Professional dog trainer Jennie Jones, owner of Kindred Spirits Dog Training in Wartrace, has introduced a new service that’s designed to place highly-trained rescue dogs into loving homes with advanced tools for their long-term success.

“A lot of people give their dogs up because of behavior problems or lack of knowledge how to get through the puppy and adolescent stages,” said Jones. “Our program focuses on prevention by setting up the owner and dog to succeed.”

Trained at the Triple Crown Academy in Hutto, Texas (now Starmark Academy), Jones opened her dog training business in 2001.  Over the course of the last 14 years, she has been hired to correct a host of pet problems that would lead many homeowners to completely abandon their pets.

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