Board & Train Packages

Kindred Spirits Foundation Training Packages

*Rules/Stipulations apply to class

The Adult Program

Enrollment Age: 6 Months or Older

Price: $2,000 ($1000 Deposit)

Dog Stays 3 Weeks Straight

Adult Program Whys

Basic Problems this can fix. Jumping, pulling, ignoring owner commands


  • Loose Leash (aka come off pressure)
  • Basic Commands (aka a way to communicate with your dog)
  • Basic Management (aka Balanced Lifestyle so your dog can get better and better)

The above three points create a well-rounded education for your dog or as we call it a Solid Foundation.

The E-Collar Program

Enrollment Age: 6 Months or Older

Price: $3,000 ($1500 Deposit)

Dog Stays 3 Weeks Straight


Come when called, Leave that alone, Let’s go be active


  • The Adult Program that create your dog’s Solid Foundation
  • Proper and Humane Introduction and Education of an Electric Collar (This is not about zapping your dog, It’s about understanding pressure on and off and how to follow it)
  • E-Collar from E-collar Technologies (Our chosen Tool for the Low Level Stimulation Read All About it
  • Owner Education on how to use the ECollar and Commands for proper transition of training into the home.

E-Collar Training means Control/safety for you and Freedom/ Healthy Lifestyle for your dog. (Most dogs we train are over-excited and under-exercised and E-Collar training meets these needs. It is also very good for Problems See Problem Solving Program)

The Problem-Solving Program

Enrollment Age: 10 Months

Price: $4,000 ($2,000 Deposit)

Dog Stays 4 Weeks Straight

Problem Solving

Phobias, Aggression, Fear, Displaced/compulsive behaviors, Etc


  • Rehabilitation Work to Balance the dog Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally (Dogs out of Balance are in no state to learn because they are rebellious, fearful, and/or basically disconnected from humans for whatever reason. This work creates respect and trust which are foundational to training)
  • Adult Program
  • E-collar Program (if appropriate and owner and trainer agree upon it’s usefulness)
  • Lifestyle Training and Management Training (to keep the dog in a Balanced State and in a Healthy lifestyle)
  • Owner Education

Problem-Solving is all about balancing a dog so that they have a way to cope and shine in the world around them. Unhealthy behaviors send dogs down a destructive path. I am passionate about dogs living Happy and Healthy lives and their owners enjoying their years together. To dog that you must have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. That is what Problem Solving is all about.

The Elite Puppy Program

Enrollment Age: Under 6 Months

Price: $12,000 ($6,000 Deposit)

Puppy Stays 3 Months Straight

Elite Puppy Program

This is all about Prevention and Preparation. Ultimately this is a “Raise and Train Program


  • Three Months of Your Puppy Living with us in our home, traveling, and exposing them to the outside world
  • House Training, Social and Exposure Training, Vet and Boarding Preparation for Adulthood
  • Everything in the Adult and E-collar Program
  • Owner Education on how to Continue the Puppy’s Education into Adulthood
  • Proper Management and Lifestyle Routine Established for Individual Dog’s Needs

*In rare cases, dogs with extreme behavior disorders may need intensive rehabilitation programs and/or need the assistance of professionals outside of the training profession. We reserve the right, to charge additional fees, make recommendations,  and/or keep the dogs for additional time.