Meet Jennie

Jennie works with clients to help build an emotionally healthy foundation for the dogs so that they have the ability to continue creating better habits. Kindred Spirits focuses on the basics by providing clear management on how to deal with the dog’s behavioral issues. 

Committed to Consistency

Setting your dog up for success starts now! We will work together to create a consistent plan that supports getting your dog back to a healthy mental state.

Meet Breanna Young

Breanna Young is the Lead Trainer for Kindred Spirits. She enjoys seeing the dogs behavior grow from the time they are dropped off until it’s time for them to go home. Breanna specializes in teaching Private Lessons. “I think the biggest reward about being a dog trainer is watching the progress they make and seeing the bond between the owner/ dog grow.

Fixing Common Red Flags in Your Dog’s Behavior

If you notice an unwanted development in your dog’s behavior towards people or other dogs or problems with separation anxiety then you should consider reaching out to Jennie for support. Depending on the situation she will work with you to help the problem by training loose leash, come when called, leave it, and build proper socialization with other dogs. She will also follow up with you to make sure you have the tools to keep the training consistent. A rehabilitated dog will have the chance to function and maintain a healthy mentally balanced state.