Saved and Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale • Kindred Spirits in the Press

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Our Saved and Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale Program is in the Press!

Our new Saved and Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale Program has recently been featured in the press. Have a look at some of the news below!

Saved, trained and for sale (

Kindred Spirits Dog Training near Nashville, Tennessee is offering people looking to be dog parents with an option to purchase pre-trained rescue dogs that have passed their new ‘Saved and Trained’ program. After the dogs pass the program, they are put up for sale to those wanting a really great dog! Read More…

A New Way To Adopt? Dog Trainer Offers Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale

One of the main reasons some people will not adopt is that oftentimes, rescue dogs come without much training. Regardless of age, they usually have bad habits and may not even know basic obedience.

Jennie Jones, owner of Kindred Spirits Dog Training in Wartrace, Tennessee, has decided to do something about this, hopefully creating more adopters from people that would normally shy away from a shelter dog. Read More…