Road Less Traveled

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The Road Less Traveled

The road less traveled is often hard to take. It might have curves and hills steeper than expected. Perhaps you cannot see what is around the bend. Often it bears more obstacles than we are used to. I’ve met these forks in the road and have been stumped as to which way to turn.

For Kindred Spirits, offering long-term board and train programs was one of those roads. We decided to change our service offerings to meet “our” standards. What are these standards I’m speaking about? It was simply to have dogs be an integral part of our lives. That was what we wanted, what we have, and what we want to share with others.

No one can do everything. People are busy and dog training, like anything else, has many variables to it. We know we have something special to offer. Just as in our own lives we wanted to take our dogs on vacation. But, no, we did not want dogs that constantly pulled us everywhere on the leash when out in public. Nor did we want dogs that were constantly doing the opposite of what we asked. Oh, and who wants a dog that pees all over the house for 15 years? Digging, chewing, barking, bolting, biting…huh…no, these were not the goals. The goal was dogs living with us! Adoring us like dogs can do best!

The fact of the matter is that to co-exist with a dog is not necessarily all that easy. It can be, but often there are forks in the road. Dogs are simple yet not always easy. They have needs and that must be met no matter what we choose to believe.

It’s easy to follow a crowd and let someone else choose the direction. What if? What if you took the lead? Picked the route and followed your choice to a destination? Often our choices have big effects on our lives. Choosing a dog that works for your lifestyle and choosing to raise and educate that dog to live in your world is one of those roads.

You can have peace and harmony or the opposite, chaos and discord. Each will give you some rewards and consequences. So we’ve chosen a road less traveled but just wait until you come around the bend.

Dog training and owner education can create relationships like none other. Our services are here to provide that. Email us today to set up a phone consultation and let us help you take the road less traveled.