Lifestyle Dog Training: A Natural Approach

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Lifestyle Dog Training: A Natural Approach

It’s early and quiet, and I enjoy the cool fall air and the gentle sound of feet rustling leaves as we walk. Taking a deep breath, I sigh and smile. I can honestly say to myself I love my job. A pack of dogs, a mix of my own and client dogs here for our lifestyle dog training, calmly and obediently following me as we walk.

It has been less than a year since we re-launched our business, and I can’t imagine being happier. Working with people and their dogs to improve their day-to-day lives has always been the core of our business. Now we have taken that another step further. Finding we are the students as much as the teachers as each new client and dog teach us something new during our process bringing them together.

The crisp fall air is like turning another corner as I come to see how far we’ve come in such a short time. That is exactly what lifestyle dog training is. An approach to our clients needs in a lifestyle we love. We train dogs and educate owners, bringing them closer together so they too can enjoy the moments like these.

The process of understanding what your dog needs and requires to be content can be hard sometimes but taking those steps gives owners a freedom from feeling overwhelmed and helpless to improve their relationship with their canines.

Life on earth here is so precious and so volatile. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring should constantly remind us to enjoy the moment with our dogs. Having the knowledge to communicate and connect with another species on the same level is natural yet sometimes we lose that.

Animals have a way of grounding that and bringing us back to nature. As we work, study and live each day with dogs, we are then constantly reminded that they are a part of that natural world, and we strive to help clients understand and accept that. 

As our clients embrace the journey of healthy dog ownership, they are also embracing an understanding that dogs like any other species have needs. Their needs are different and the same. Ignoring the differences will not bring happiness and peace. However, embracing those differences will create a successful pathway for dogs to be obedient, social, and trained to display calm and exuberant behaviors when they are appropriate. They will live in harmony with humans in a very modern world.

If you need assistance with your family dog have a look through our website or contact us on Facebook for more details about our lifestyle dog training and if we are the right path for you and your dog.