Dog Training Time and Commitment

Dog Training Time and Commitment - Kindred Spirits Dog Training

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Dog Training Time and Commitment

I smiled as I looked at my phone. The tiny image of my border collie, my new friend, and DPC laid the backdrop to this perfect image. The image of a happy human and dog together for a photo and in this wonderful place sharing this beautiful moment. This dog had given me so much over the years and yet again he was here by my side always loyal and always ready to do my bidding. It almost became a time of reflection during the workshop we found ourselves attending this past December.

A time to grow our experience with dogs and humans. I really don’t believe I understood it at the time but, my time at the DPC was mostly to reflect on where I had started and where I was going. This dog had been by side almost as long as I had been training dogs professionally. He’s not the first I trained; nor the last. What he is, is a fine example of the time and commitment I put into having a relationship with an animal.

Training dogs to me are as natural as can be. I’ve always wanted to be with them and they with me. When people call with their concerns about their dog’s behavior, they seem to miss the most important factor to their goal of dog ownership. Relationships like I have with Tipper are based upon the time and commitment I’ve put into understanding an animal I wanted to have in my life.

He is simply put my constant companion and my partner. I cannot count the number of dogs nor people he has helped me teach over the years. In addition to the number of life experiences he’s given me, I’ve had people asked to buy him over the years. I always thought that to be funny as he basically came from a rescue situation. With a little reflection, it is really no surprise that any other might wish to have that relationship with a canine.

So as I write my first blog for my dog training business I find myself reflecting again. A reflection of how I can help people understand that time and commitment on their part is necessary to achieve this kind of relationship. That’s it. No magic. No gimmicks.

I am in the business of training dogs and educating people about their dogs. We provide foundations on relationships that have started off in the wrong direction. You see it’s often about meeting the dog and client in the middle. Our programs provide a base for a dog and human and by bringing them together. It is our desire that they two can have the relationship I naturally find with my dogs.

If you would like to achieve this with your dog and are ready to dedicate yourself to accomplish that then give us a call or email today. We are skilled, passionate, and ready to help you, and your dog find that perfect bond.